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  • Friends of Tamworth Castle & Museum

    Friends of Tamworth Castle & Museum

    Tamworth Castle is a Norman motte and bailey castle set in the south-west corner of what was a Saxon burh.
    Its sandstone walls and superb herringbone wall - all that survives of the "curtain wall" of the bailey are believed to date from the 1180s. They replaced a palisade and wooden tower, built on the present artificial mound shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066.

  • Honor Your Ancestors

    Honor Your Ancestors

    Excellent site for understanding and communicating with your ancestors and spirit guides. Although the focus is African spirituality: Santeria, Orisa/Orishas, or Voodoo/Hoodoo, the techniques on this site can be applied to anyone within any....

  • Laymens Terms

    Laymen's Terms

    The Lehman Family Web Site:
    In honor of our father Clyde Kenneth Lehman a WW2 Vet that rasied us to stand up and speak up for what we believe in.
    With Links to sites and sights

  • Little Feather Center

    Little Feather Center

    Native American (Dakota) site belonging to an actual Indian center in Pipestone, MN. The Center has a museum showing the skills of Pipe making and quarrying of the sacred red stone the Pipes are crafted from. Various Native American information on site.

  • Lynne Hansens Heritage Of Horror

    Lynne Hansen's Heritage Of Horror

    Author Lynne Hansen writes the young adult historical horror series Heritage Of Horror for Wordbeams. Book One: THE RETURN is about zombies during the Revolutionary War. The site includes puzzles, greeting cards, and monthly contests.