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  • Gigapalette: Art and Technology Come Together

    Gigapalette: Art and Technology Come Together

    This site is dedicated to showcasing the innovative and creative endeavors of our students as they integrate art and technology into the traditional school curriculum. Site includes student galleries, lesson plans and resources, all available free to students and educators.

  • Gryphons web Designs

    Gryphons' web Designs

    Childrens art gallery for visual artists and young writers. Alice in Wonderland theme with excerpts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Music and Entertainment. Myths and Stories. Art Gallery featuring Georgia O'Keeffe. Social Commentary on the Rocketdyne Clean-up (obscure link)

  • J Graphics

    J Graphics

    A website describing the talents of designer/writer Jay Cookingham. Book Covers, logos and more. Also sign up for his fathering e-newsletter.

  • Nautilus


    Site dedvoted to promote the visual arts in education and inteligence developmente. Articles, essays, links, greeting cards, gallery, Club, Forum etc. English/Español