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  • 24 Hour Science Projects

    24 Hour Science Projects

    Five science fair project guides with immediate online access. Easy projects use materials found in the home, and provide step by step instructions, guiding your child from hypothesis to conclusion!

  • Askyourtutor.com


    Ask Your Tutor is a tutoring service over the Internet, designed to help students of all ages better understand the fundamentals of math, economics and the financial world. For a minimal monthly fee, students can log in and ask the tutor questions, whether it is help with homework assignments or a need to learn specific concepts. We don’t give textbook answers, we breakdown the basics. Our goal is to provide the learning tools for success.

  • Homework Help Secrets

    Homework Help Secrets

    Tried and tested Homework Help Secrets for K-12 and early college. Better Grades-Less Effort-More Free Time. Homework Help in Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Basic Math, Algebra, Precalculus, Reading.

  • Hotmath



    Hotmath.com is a tutorial site that provides students with complete solutions to the problems in their math textbooks. It covers Pre Algebra to Calculus. Every problem is worked out in a step by step format. Graphs are included when needed and hints can be given before the next step is displayed if desired. This tutorial/homework site is unique in that it is book specific. The actual problems from each book are solved, not generic examples. Users click on their book title, the page number and the problem number and the first step of the solution is displayed. New books are added periodically.

  • Interactive Online Learning

    Interactive Online Learning

    APlusStudent offers hundreds of interactive math lessons with great graphics, animation and audio. K-12 Math courses range from kindergarten to high school including pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. All the lessons are truly interactive and delivered in 5-10 minutes in easy-to-absorb- content bites. These lessons are engaging and compelling. Each lesson has exercises and quizzes that are scored and the progress is tracked so that parents can monitor the progress of their children. We have hundreds of lessons and thousands of test items. There are several fun educational activities such as hangman spelling game, interactive coloring and puzzles. There is also homework help and online gallery where students can post their creative work.