The New Family Friendly Sites X
Hello Friends,

To celebrate our 20th year online, we have completely redesigned and programmed our website. There are many new features as well as a mobile version. Please bear with us as we work out a few minor details. Feel free to report any bugs you may encounter as we actively refine the site. Thank you to all our current and past members for your support over the years. Current members you can now log in and add additional details to your site.

Thanks you,

FFS Staff

P.S. If you Do Not See YOUR Site listed, please contact us and we will resolve the issue.

About Family-Friendly Sites tm

Family-Friendly Sites began on the Internet in 1996 with the intent to support the online safety of family members using the Internet by offering websites a designation that would be easily recognized by family members and other Internet users. In 1999 FFS established a human managed directory to monitor sites displaying it's emblems.

If you are a website owner, have a personal webpage, or are promoting your business online and you would like to have the FFS emblem display on your website and be listed in the FFS Directory, review the FFS Guidelines, register and submit your website.