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  • John Flynn

    John Flynn

    t's hard to fit John Flynn into a specific artistic category. He's a writer, and a brilliant one at that. He's a poet who makes beautiful music with his words. He is a singer and songwriter of children's music, who is just as much at home in a beachside bar or a folk festival, singing to the children's parents and grandparents.

  • Joyfuldias Doodle Art

    Joyfuldia's Doodle Art

    A community of doodlers, we are about having fun and sharing our creativity. You'll find a variety of doodles and art by artists of all ages using various mediums. We welcome new artists.

  • Kids Creative Classics

    Kids Creative Classics

    Kids Creative Classics, a division of BrassHeart Music, combines the use of original music, art, story, poetry and interactive materials, to teach children how to grow up to be better human beings. Thoughtfully developed by Hull, Kids Creative...

  • Little Peoples Cove

    Little People's Cove

    Children's furniture and room decor. Matching themes and colors. From rocking chairs, rocking horse, step stool, bedding and storage to drawer pulls, clocks, wall hangings and decor.



    The site promotes MAGICFRANK, Premier Magician. The award winning MAGIGFRANK'S Lessons in magic video series. Magical entertainment and magical education at its BEST!

  • Melody Factory

    Melody Factory

    Great ideas for music kids, parents and teachers online. Listen to instruments, use our music dictionary, read useful articles and download FREE reward certificates.