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  • Chaters, the place to ask!

    Chaters, the place to ask!

    Chaters is the place to ask. We help kids/teens 8 to 13 with thier daily problems(free of charge) at home or at school. We have a chatroom to get direct help, or an online form for privite help. So come to chaters today

  • Cool School Counselors

    Cool School Counselors

    This web site is dedicated to cool students and cool school counselors world wide. If you're not cool and wanna be, browse through this site and you will find many resources, links, organizations and helpful tools to help you become cool. If you already are cool, you might learn something more from the cool kids or other school counselors and educators. PLease post a message in the guestbook and share any ideas you have about school counseling or children's issues. Be sure to check back often to look at the news section for current articles about school (K-12) issues and the featured sites.

  • Developing a Scouting Website

    Developing a Scouting Website

    This website's mission to provide guidance, information, resources and tools to Scout units and the unit leaders to develop highly effective websites for their troops, packs or crews. Information about tools, artwork, techniques and more....

  • Educational Resources, Tips, & Guides

    Educational Resources, Tips, & Guides

    EduGuide is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students, parents, educators, and schools plan for academic success. Working with families at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels to reduce drop out rates.

  • Is your home

    Is your home

    this site is an advertising page to P.E.E.L earth friendly factory outlet where a person can buy earth friendly products that are all natural, never animal tested. It is also where you can become a factory outlet owner.

  • Multicultural Kids

    Multicultural Kids

    An excellent multicultural resource for children,parents and teachers. Multicultural books, videos,crafts,puzzles,music,dolls,and much more! Related topics such as adoption,self-esteem,differently abled kids,parental love also included.