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  • Camilla Webers school web page

    Camilla Weber's school web page

    This site gives you some imformation about my program working with exceptional children in a resource classroom. I have available several informational sites about various disabilities. I also have a site explaining about ADD Coaching, a new career I'm

  • Dallas Day School

    Dallas Day School

    An early childhood development program and preschool that "mainstreams" children with special needs into an "inclusive" early learning environment with typically-developing children. Also providing prenatal and postnatal parenting classes, as well as speech ...

  • hippotherapy and handicap in Belgium

    hippotherapy and handicap in Belgium

    therapy with horse, handicap and ways to over ride it, tips, triks, tution, learning programs, etc...
    adapted material, buildings and technologies animal protection ethical concerns missing child and protection the site is also the official pages for Anthe Anthesis Belgian Association for therpy with horses, membre RDI (as Nahra and Cantra) recognized by IOC and Unesco