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  • Dermatology Surgery

    Dermatology Surgery

    Skin Laser Surgery , Permanent Laser hair removal , Laser resurfacing , Botox treatment for frowning , Horizontal and vertical facial lines , wrinkles and crows feet like lines around eyes . skin fillers such as collagen , Restylane , Perlane and articol etc. for various filling defects such as Naso-labial folds , laugh lines forehead and other facial lines and Lip enlargement . TCA & AHA Peels , LIPO FILLING and several other cosmetic procedures

  • Health Mobius-Medical Weight Management

    Health Mobius-Medical Weight Management

    Latest news and developments in the areas of fitness, behavior modification, weight management, dietary and medical information, and assessments and tools. For Health Professionals, we offers a Medical Weight Management Program and Web site solution

  • lifecareinnovations


    Lifecare Innovations is a R&D intensive company specialised in controlled release pharmaceuticals employing an array of technologies of drug delivery systems. The first product FUNGISOME™ is a Liposome mediated delivery of Amphotericin....

  • Online Doctor Consultations

    Online Doctor Consultations is a premier online doctor consultation website that utilizes U.S. Licensed physicians only. treats acute simple medical conditions as well as prescription refills. No Narcotics or Controlled Substances. is....