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  • Gentle Stress Relief

    Gentle Stress Relief

    A fun guide to natural stress relief explains what stress is and what causes stress. Covers many effective solutions including food, exercise, massage, laughter, clutter control, aromatherapy, time management, money management, prayer, meditation...

  • A Place of Hope OCD

    A Place of Hope OCD

    OCD treatment will allow you to eliminate these thoughts and behaviors from your life so that you can reclaim the balance that was once a part of your everyday existence.

  • Clinical Partners

    Clinical Partners

    Clinical Partners are specialist psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. Based in London, with a range of locations all across the UK, Clinical Partners are sure to be able to assist you for any mental health issue.

  • South Shore and Montreal Psychologist

    South Shore and Montreal Psychologist

    Dr. Virginia Chow is a licensed Montreal psychologist. She offers individual, couple, and family therapies. Dr. Chow uses a combination of cognitive behavioral (CBT), problem-focused, psychodynamic, emotion-focused, schema-focused and interpersonal....