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  • easyDNA


    Discover your GeoGenetic links with populations around the world. Ancestral Originsâ„¢ is the most refined and easy to understand DNA genealogy test on the market and is available from easyDNA.

  • Family Media Lab

    Family Media Lab

    A site dedicated to helping families collect and present their family history and heritage using browser-based techniques. Examples of genealogy research presented in alternative and enlightening ways designed to bring life to a family's heritage.

  • Family Tree - 20,000 Names

    Family Tree - 20,000 Names

    A well-built family tree page of 20,000 names. Major lines include Matson, Morgan, Yancey, Griffith, Castle, Hyde, Whittaker, Oviatt, Lyons and many more. Tools of use to all genealogists -- messages, links, searches, photos, histories and more.

  • Finders


    International probate genealogists providing services for lawyers, executors and personal representatives that include missing heir location, no know next of kin, missing will service, missing document service, missing beneficiary indemnity insurance