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  • is a site educating the public about the wild flocks of monk parrots who've made homes at Brooklyn College, Greenwood Cemetery, along Avenue I, and elsewhere in Brooklyn.



    information site on the sport of racing homing pigeons. Articles on the feeding and training of these small athletes. Also articles on history,eye sign, and the birds of war...

  • parrot finder

    parrot finder

    we are a small yahoo group of breeders & bird owners. you will be able to make a post for that special bird you are looking for or chat with other member about bird related issues.

  • Parrot Times

    Parrot Times

    Useful info on parrots, including macaws. Meet our Harlequin Macaw, Toby and see what we've learned since we've started taking care of him. Info on parrot history, diet, grooming, cages & playgyms. Poems, trivia, and more...

  • Quality Bird & Parrot Supplies

    Quality Bird & Parrot Supplies

    offering supplies that will help maintain your companion parrots health & happiness. Cages, cage covers & accessories, food, toys,playstand, health & nutritional items, wild bird food & feeders. Also many gifts for the bird enthusiast.


    Chicago's home for Parrot Toys, Lixit Bottles, Perches, Parrot Toy Making Supplies like Rope, Bells & Hardware. Over 200 easy-to-find CAGE styles. Specializing in Accessories to House, Feed, Clean-up-after and Maintain your feathered companion.