Privacy Policy

Information collected from members on this site, such as email addresses, is never sold or otherwise redistributed to any third parties. Tracking of user activity on our website is only for internal purposes in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

Optional information such as location, interests, occupation etc is displayed in member profiles for all to see. If you don't wish such information to be public, do not provide it.

We use first party cookies for a variety of purposes. These purposes include keeping you logged in, showing you what you've previously viewed, remembering which page you were just on so you can be redirected back to it, and remembering your timezone. Also remembering your screen resolution, whether you've registered before, which boxes you've closed, whether you've closed the cookie privacy notice, and various other selected preferences. We also use local storage for a few things like saving links when someone doesn't have an account. None of this will track your identity across websites or tie your real world identity to your account here.

If you don't agree to the use of these cookies, please do not use the website.

This site incorporates Google's reCAPTCHA to prevent automated submissions. reCAPTCHA makes use of cookies, mouse movements and other data to differentiate humans from robots, and this site must share this data with Google to confirm that you're human.