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  • Self-Healing Expressions

    Self-Healing Expressions

    Self-Healing Expressions provides free and nominally priced self-paced email courses on mind body spirit topics. Its popular Holistic Prayers email course contains interfaith prayers, worldwide prayer vigil announcements and inspiring quotes. Other courses include: Thoreau's teachings, nutrition, romantic resume, laugh therapy, personal power, healing the earth, pet loss and grief healing. Students set their own pace choosing the day and interval of lesson delivery. Visit

  • Tarot Reading

    Tarot Reading

    One of America's most exclusive communities of psychics, offering meaningful insights, practical advice and personalized support by phone. We don't tell fortunes or predict your future - We provide a deeper understanding of events and activities....

  • Truth Searcher Web Page

    Truth Searcher Web Page

    A Bible study site for those who are seeking only God's Truth from His inspired word, without any human creeds interwoven. God's Word must be all authoritive without addition or subtraction. We must strive to be true worshippers only: Jn. 4:23,24.