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  • Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development

    We specialize in creating small and middle business software in the following areas: - Billing and Invoicing Software; - Workflow and Business Management Systems; - Custom CRM/ ERP Solutions; - Database Design and Development....

  • CyberBuddy


    CyberBuddy freeware desktop utility program using MicroSoft Agents. Animated cartoon characters using text to speech deliver news headlines, local weather, time, reminders, stock quotes, email, internet speed, Caller ID and more. Along with with spam filtering, instant messaging with text-to-speech or voice make this the most versatile and fun desktop utility available. And it's free!
    The cute animated characters work in the background, gathering information while you do other things. When they have something to tell you, they popup, deliver their message, then disappear. You tell CyberBuddy what you want it to look for, and when to tell you about it. For example, tell it what news categories you'd like to hear about, how often to check for news and whether only to tell you about it when the news changes. For stocks, tell it that you want to hear about a stock when it goes up, down or changes outside of some limits you have set. It's extremely flexible. You can even have different characters deliver the content of different functions. CyberBuddy is a must have.

  • CyberNiche Software

    CyberNiche Software

    Quality home and business software. Try before you buy! Download free demos. Collector software (books, coins, stamps, beanies), Seed Program, Order/Auction Tracker, Request Tracker, Keys, etc. Organize the easy way!

  • CyberSoft


    Site offers antivirus/security solutions, white papers/educational material about computer security to promote understanding of the need to protect computer infrastructure.