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  • Buddy Manatee

    Buddy Manatee

    The official web site for the Buddy Manatee children's and gifts. Buddy Manatee is a cartoon-illustrated character in an environmentally correct children’s book, about a young manatee who becomes injured in one of Florida's springs. In the story, Buddy is rescued, rehabilitated and released back in to the wild. Written for children 4-8 years of age and environmentally conscious adults.

  • Hanky Kids

    Hanky Kids

    Unique books created by a mom. Two wonderful daily journals and an adorable phone book. These books are perfect for stay at home or working parents. What a great way to keep track of your child's daily growth and developement.

  • Hoggwartys


    A Harry Potter RPG, Here you can sign up get sorted into one of the four houses, attend academics, talk to your fellow mates in the common rooms, write for one of the HP magazines, or maybe join a quidditch team!