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  • Hoggwartys


    A Harry Potter RPG, Here you can sign up get sorted into one of the four houses, attend academics, talk to your fellow mates in the common rooms, write for one of the HP magazines, or maybe join a quidditch team!

  • Its a Must Read

    It's a Must Read

    "It's a Must Read" discussion board is set up to resemble a library, with "Bookshelf" forums for each genre of books, and a "Media Center" and "Conference Rooms". Come discuss whatever you've read or are thinking of reading!

  • Last Stand, An American Tragedy

    Last Stand, An American Tragedy

    New book takes the reader on a journey from an amazing breakthrough in cancer research to remarkable cancer remissions to the black balling of an American scientist who refused to play ball on the cancer establishment's terms.


    At kids and parents will have the opportunity to have books ready to them with words, pictures, music and sound effects in real time with flash animation that simulates the pages of a book on the screen. Recommended for ages 2-12

  • Mr. Bills World

    Mr. Bill's World

    Mr. Bill's World is a fun, safe interactive zone for kids who love adventure and cool things to do. Games, music, kids club, interactive Bible, contests and much more.

  • My Creative Books

    My Creative Books

    We specialize in Personalized Children's Books. Personalized books incorporate your child's name, hometown, friends, events, etc. throughout each page of the book - making your child the Star of each thrilling tale. Education through Personalization helps build ...